Welcome to Johnny & Jeanne!
We are a wide and varied shop wth a focus on eco-conscious handmade and vintage items. Most of our knit and crochet items are plastic free and zero waste. Vintage is always an ethical way to shop. ;)

I started my handmade journey way back in 2004 when I learned to knit. Since then, I have grown to include crochet and macrame to my list of interests. I am passionate about reducing my family's impact on the Earth and managing my business in an eco-friendly manner. I love to use natural fibers in my work. Better for you and better for the environment!

A few years ago, I inherited my grandfather's massive Hot Wheels and Texaco collection.

My husband has always had an eye for vintage Americana and has become our shop curator for handpicked vintage pieces. Incorporating vintage and handmade into our shop has helped us combine our passions into a family business. Our kids even want to be entrepreneurs!

As a couple, we have a lot of different interests and our shop reflects the variety of those.

While our shop has a wide breadth of items, our mission for each piece is the same: Helping our customers discover pieces they love and incorporating eco-conscious choices into everyday life.